32 Kare Hairstyle Ideas You Will Love

Kare - one of the most popular women's hairstyle. It has many variations and is designed for different types of hair, face shapes, and age. But even the most stylish haircut over time can get bored, and women will want to make changes to their image. In this case, the best option may be status on a car - an ultrafashionable type of highlighting, creating the effect of strands that have sunburnt in the sun.

The essence of this coloring technique is to create an effective gradient with the help of several shades of paint - dark and light. More courageous girls decide on an extreme change in appearance and choose instead of the usual caramel or honey shades bright colors - red, blue, blue, purple, pink, etc.

It is worth noting the versatility of the Shatush – it will suit everyone: dark-haired girls, fair-haired young ladies, and even blondes. And due to the fact that the paint is not applied to the hair roots, the need to correct the coloring occurs very soon.
Kare Hairstyle Ideas You Will Love
Shatush helps to achieve the most natural effect, differs from the Ombra or balayage technique, placing emphasis on the lighter tips of the strands. During the procedure, many devices are not used, as in normal highlighting. Also, depending on the length of the curls, the master can carry out dyeing with or without a pile.