90+ Stylish Lob Haircuts &Hairstyle Ideas 2021

The LOB hairstyle is actually the long bob hairstyle. LOB hairstyle is the long bob hairstyle abbreviation. As the name suggests, it is the long bob haircut. The length standard is the tail between the chin and the shoulder. Among them, it is messy and fluffy. There is a kind of messy hairstyle that is "not awake today, too lazy to comb your hair".

If you want to change your hair but don't know what to change! Don’t know if it’s suitable for cutting short hair! Think well and be beautiful! Then to try the LOB hairstyle! Slightly cut the hair length to the shoulder to give off the charm of the previous romantic long hair, the whole person has become more refreshing and spirited.

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Any face type such as a round face, square face, melon face, etc. can leave the Lob hairstyle, but the key is to cut the Lob haircuts that suits you.