• 70 Stunning Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas for Christmas

    Unique Eyeshadow makeup not only attracts people’s attention, but also promote to everyone that you are a stylish person. Try these beautiful eye makeup that you will be a special target at the party. You should look 60 eyeshadow makeup ideas this article before buying some necessary cosmetics and tools. Which kind of make up do you like most? Choose one to try that you will be a shining star on Christmas parties!

  • 80 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas in 2021

    Thinking about Halloween makeup? If so, you are in the right place because today we have 80 easy Halloween makeup ideas. From Sugar Skull Makeup, Pennywise Makeup to clown Halloween makeup ideas and many more, that you will definitely find the ideas that suits you best. Check out these Halloween makeup ideas for girls on the go! Which kind of Halloween makeup do you like to choose to wear on Halloween? Scroll on for mesmerizing Halloween makeup ideas for 2021. If you love our pictures, please give us a pin.

  • 40 Cool Ideas for Halloween Makeup 2021

    For Halloween 2021, I’ve prepared the best makeup ideas for you, from skeleton skull makeup, witch makeup to creepy stitched face makeup and dead sugar skull makeup etc are all very popular With the idea of Halloween makeup, you can turn into any scary monster and meet with your friends and family! What I found are 40 amazing DIY Halloween makeup tutorials that you are sure to love. and don’t forget to show us the way if you tried it! By the way, don’t forget to save these image on your board if you likes it.

  • 67 Amazing Christmas Party Makeup Ideas

    Young people, because of their age, can afford a different makeup at Christmas. In the trend, there will be a beautiful Christmas make-up for the evening with bright shadows, spectacular accents and unusual decisions that will make you irresistible on the most important prom evening. In our review, we will offer you the TOP trends of Christmas makeup for the Christmas party, which can satisfy even the most sophisticated fashionistas.

  • 50+ Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides 2021

    Choosing the perfect wedding makeup depends largely on the season. Wedding makeup in the spring and summer will be completely different from the autumn-winter make-up. Therefore, in today’s post, we will look at the trends of wedding makeup 2021 for the seasons, highlighting the features and showing relevant photo examples.

  • 45+ Newest Halloween Makeup Ideas 2021

    The girl creates cool images using a practical one black liner. And for those who are willing to spend a few hours to create makeup. The girl masterly turns into reincarnation in the dark elves, witches and even aliens.

  • 30+ Awesome Halloween Makeup Ideas 2021

    In addition, there are numerous ideas makeup for Halloween. Someone prefers beautiful and romantic images, while others want to shock others with their “terrible appearance”. Let’s figure out which images are beautiful and which are terrifying. You can also make cool Halloween makeup. The image of a good character will give the celebration of fun and immediacy. For example, the image of a superheroine, a mad hatter, a clown, a princess. Ideas for a Halloween party are plenty. You only need a little imagination to implement your ideas. It is better to practice in applying makeup in advance so that your image is perfect.

  • 6 Halloween Makeup Idea Based on Movies

    Halloween makeup does not have to include bruises and scars. We offer six peace-loving images This is one of those images that give room for imagination. We have already talked about the “mermaid make-up” – so you just have to refresh it in memory and take up the brush. If you are a fan of the movie “Avatar”, you will definitely like this image. A generous dose of white and blue makeup paints, mascara (preferably blue), a firm hand – and make-up ready. No Halloween is complete without the joker. Arm yourself with red, black and white paints for make-up or, if you don’t want to burden yourself with unnecessary…

  • 30+ Cat Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2021

    Next, you need to draw a mustache and nose, which will add to the image of carnival. It does not hurt to highlight the cheekbones, so that the face becomes more sculptural. And, of course, you can not ignore the lips – they, too, should be emphasized, and choose for this purpose a bright lipstick.

  • 24 Clown Halloween Makeup Ideas 2021

    Today I am unfolding before you 15 Clown Halloween Makeup Ideas, Looks & Trends 2021. Do dress up like never before and apply any of the following makeup look on Halloween. Have a look at the collection. Boo! One of the popular Halloween characters is the clown. It would seem that the image is not the most suitable for this holiday, which is dominated by vampires and other vermin. But, of course, this is not about ordinary clowns, whose main task is to make the children laugh, but about their sinister antipodes.