47 Lovely and Trendy Nail Designs For Fall 2021

Manicure for short nails is the main trend in a fashionable manicure for the season 2018-2019. Stylish manicure and well-groomed pens always look beautiful and attract the attention of both men and women.

It is not so easy to achieve perfectly groomed fingers and a beautiful manicure at home, given the chores and many other factors. Therefore, most women prefer salon procedures to create the perfect nail design 2018-2019.

Painted Beauty

Watercolor touch touch flower design nail pastel pink. There is a fine lame in pink, and the image changes gorgeously when stuck. Because the center part of the flower is black, it is a cool image unexpectedly.
nails desgin 2021

Modern Mauve

Matte gray strong purple color nail. Purple of unobtrusive tone that seems to be active all the year. Familiarity is good color, so in any Corde. It is determined to be adult chick.
nails desgin 2021

Blush Boquet

Design nail like a blooming flower blooming pretty florets on the toes. It is cheap for those who love Spring’s gentle pastel tones! Pearl white base does not care about TPO, easy to use place also ○
nails desgin 2021