47 Lovely and Trendy Nail Designs For Fall 2021

Manicure for short nails is the main trend in a fashionable manicure for the season 2018-2019. Stylish manicure and well-groomed pens always look beautiful and attract the attention of both men and women.

It is not so easy to achieve perfectly groomed fingers and a beautiful manicure at home, given the chores and many other factors. Therefore, most women prefer salon procedures to create the perfect nail design 2018-2019.

My Melody / Rose

My Melody like sketched with a rose motif and hand-painted line on a pearl pink base. The sketch line is thin, very delicate and casual design.
nails desgin 2021


Blue and pink watercolor style design on pearl white base. Design that does not disturb Corde’s in a refreshing color is easy to use …
nails desgin 2021

Golden Age

It is recommended for accent of black and white simple cord! Gold is also familiar to the skin, it is easy to use for various scenes!
nails desgin 2021