50+ Girl Faces and Eyes Nail Art ideas 2021

Wanting to be in the trend of fashion trends and trends, lovely ladies are constantly searching for fresh and new ideas of manicure in different styles.

And each season offers us these new nail art for every taste. And today, just go talk about such newfangled nail solutions, like a trend manicure eye see you, which is so popular and in demand among fashionistas of the whole world in the 2018.

What is the secret of top nail art eye see you and how to perform a stylish manicure 2018, which would please everyone?

Surely not the first time you come across a nail design, which uses images of the faces of girls and spectacular eyes and cilia. This unusual trend in manicure is called eye see you manicure.

The colorful and unique manicure eye see you has been known for a long time, but today it has become megapopular and top among other nail solutions.

Nail Art ideas

In addition, a fashionable manicure with images of faces and eyes can be performed in a variety of techniques and combinations, which makes it even more desirable.