93 Almond Shaped Nail Art Ideas

A beautiful almond shape nail for each image is a necessary addition and decoration, allowing you to add elegance and emphasize the well-groomed of its owner.
Among those, it is worth noting the main trend on the nails of almond shape, a manicure with which is doomed to be in the top of the new products of 2019.

Trendy almond shape nail is demonstrated for the new season with unexpected solutions that allow you to look with the trendy nail design amazingly and effectively. almond nail shape marigolds look great with traditional techniques, such as French, nail art design with holes and "negative space."

A chic and festive almond shape nail design can be obtained with rhinestones and pebbles, broths and pixie crystals, paintings and trendy decor in the form of foil, glitter.

Trend almond shape nail looks great in any of the techniques, with different types of decor and patterns, which in tandem with almond nails will create the most fashionable to date nail design.
Almond Shaped Nail Designs