33 Cool Long Coffin Nail Designs

Demand creates supply, today stylists can offer a lot of ideas for the design of coffin nails. Moreover, they claim that coffin nail designs can be not only fatal and suitable for a masquerade, but also gentle, innocent and even romantic.

Coffin nail designs form of nails is available only to owners of long nails, it is simply impossible to give such a short form. But to increase this form of nails is not difficult. Of course, a true lady and ladies, fettered by the severity of the dress code, should not be abused by this design, because it looks quite defiant.

Distinguishes coffin nail designs non-standard type of nail design form, similar to a square, but with a narrowed tip. It looks very interesting manicure, in which the shape of the coffin is combined with long nails, pointed or square. You can select only 1-2 fingers and sharpen them under the new trend. So, the nail design will be more restrained and less defiant.
Cool Long Coffin Nail Designs
Coffin nail designs are inherently very “slim”, they can be made for any holiday or important event. Amazing designs on elongated legs in gold, silver, black, purple and many other colors will suit your various outfits.