50+ Festive nail Design with Sparkles 2021

Nails art design trends in the season 2018 are so diverse and amazing that nail design without sparkles or iridescent particles is difficult to imagine. A lot of designs of nails - from festive and elegant, to megastyle and unusual for every day are shown just with sparkles.

Especially amazing festive manicure with sparkles, when the emphasis on the pens will help make the image brighter and more spectacular. As a fashionable decor for a brilliant nail design, you can use glitter, foil, rubbing, Yuki flakes, bouillons, rhinestones, pixie crystal chips, as well as other types of nail decor with shine.

A fashionable solemn manicure with sparkles will be appropriate and so popular as a wedding design, for graduation and corporate, for decorating nails for the New Year, Birthday and any other holiday for which every small detail is important, and a brilliant manicure as well.

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