81 Latest Nail Art Trends & Ideas Worth to Try 2021

An attractive image of a woman is built not only due to beautiful clothes and high-quality accessories, but also thanks to a well-groomed nail art designs. Even the most thoughtful wardrobe will look dim if the nails are not given maximum attention. But what to do if the natural shape of the nails and the density of the nail plates do not allow you to create a stylish and bright design?

This year, the design of nails is dominated by naturalness and naturalness. The priority is short and medium nails neat oval or almond shape. As for shades, pastel colors are very popular: beige, light pink, brown, flesh. In the form of extended nails, the natural, natural form, which replaced the pointed nails, also prevails.

The classic pastel shades in 2021 are replaced by rich, eye-catching tones that look great on the almond-shaped nails design. From the decor are used rhinestones, matte and glossy coating, acrylic sand, gradient. Despite the active promotion of the natural shape of nails and natural shades, the number of lovers of maxillary claws does not decrease.
Latest Nail Art Trends & Ideas Worth to Try
Today, the most popular and familiar to many nail masters is acrylic and gel. Acrylic is more durable and practical material. However, most women of fashion choose a gel, since the nail art design made with this material have a neat transparent appearance and glossy shine.