80 Square Nails Designs Ideas: Short, Medium & Long Square Nails

There are many shapes of nail art. The most common are Oval, Round, square, oval, almond nail ... Which shape is best for you. It is best to choose square nails. This shape is very popular and suitable for any occasion.

Square nails can be a great match for your makeup, hairstyle and clothes. This simple and elegant design is awesome and will definitely catch people's attention.

We have collected 80 square nail ideas. Hope you find your favorite manicure ideas and get inspiration from these nail art! Enjoy it and don’t forget to try it in 2020!

Square nails can be used in many different colors and design. Square nails shapes look stylish and elegant. You can try square nails and i promise you will love the square nail shape.

80 awesome square nails design ideas, include short square nails, long square nails and medium square nails ideas. Take a look at and choose your favorite manicure ideas. #nailart #squarenails #NailDesigns | Soflyme.com