78 Best Small & Simple Tattoos Idea for Women 2021

Beautiful and gentle tattoos for girls can be hundreds of options. A tattoo is something sacred, the meaning of which cannot be explained. Before you choose something, think: what character, animal, image or pattern personify you?

So, first of all you need to decide on the requirements for a tattoo: What idea do you want to express with your tattoo? In the section on the meaning of tattoos you can find detailed interpretations of the most interesting tattoo plots You can choose any suitable sketch, and also add your own elements and symbols to it. A unique tattoo with meaning is guaranteed!

What place are you ready to allocate for your tattoo idea? If you want the picture to be visible, choose your wrists, forearms, neck, and legs. If you do not want to demonstrate a tattoo, then consider a tattoo on the ribs, abdomen, back, thigh.
What style will be the tattoo? The following styles are best suited for miniature tattoos: old school, ornaments, watercolor, geometry. For large drawings, the most successful are the styles: realism, new school, blackwork.
78 Best Small and Simple Tattoos Idea for Women 2021
When you have decided on the size, style and place, you should finally decide what should be depicted on the tattoo. the above is we collect the best tattoo ideas for girls.