60+ Beautiful bouquets of flowers design trends 2021

To receive as a gift or just like that a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is always pleasant and always appropriate. Let it be a small bouquet or a flower composition, such a gift always pleases the eye.


The latest floristic trends are surprising bold decisions and unexpected combinations. Fashionable bouquets of flowers 2018 are not only flowers wrapped in a paper envelope, but also bright flower arrangements in hat boxes and drawers.

An important role in drawing up a beautiful bouquet of flowers 2018 is played by seasonality, color palette, style and the packaging itself. A trendy floral bouquet should look natural, therefore sticking greens and twigs give the bouquet freshness and refinement.

The most fashionable colors of the season 2018 in the compilation of beautiful bouquets and compositions were bush and peony roses, succulents, dahlias and orchids.

60+ Beautiful bouquets of flowers design trends 2018