Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners At Home

I'd like to try it but I can take it easy! Recommended yoga pose for you.

Everyone practicing yoga would think that "people who are busy have the time to try yoga!" Yoga practices a lot of working men, feeling the effect actually, because yoga "deepens breathing, focuses on myself, stretches the hardened part comfortably and activates the body".

However, those who do not know what to do because it is a beginner, try trying a typical CAT & COW that will eliminate the back and back stiffness and a Camel pose to open up your chest and deepen your breathing. Both are representative poses of yoga and can take place not only in the living room but also on the futon, so why not try practicing while your child is asleep?

Lower back pain, Marjarrarana that makes light back pain (Cat's pose)

This pose is the best movement to unravel the hard body. Please move slowly and repeatedly as you move your breath.

■Effect: Effect on stress. Shoulder stiffness, stiffness of the back, relieve the sagging of the lower body, relax the abdomen, activate the internal organs. By extending the wrist, it also eliminates tiredness of the arm.

1.The knee will become so that the base of the foot will come right above the knee. Place your hands on your hips, stand up your toes and breathe a breath.

2. With your breath straight, pull up your stomach chest, push your breath out, push your waist forward with both hands, extend your back, let your eyes face naturally and diagonally. Both elbows are images that are gently pulled by someone, lowering their shoulders and pushing their chests to the ceiling. (Let’s make it to those who are hurting your hips and neck so far)

3. Grasp the right hand as well as the right heel, extrude the thighs forward, and extend the thighs, stomach, chest and throat. If you can afford, wear your toes on the floor and warp deeper further. Repeat breathing for 5 breaths as it is.

4. Let’s attach the top of the foot, once attached to the floor. When returning, put your right hand on your waist and wake your upper body with breathing.